CASTEL DI TORAAt 536 m above sea level, Lake Turano is a large hydroelectric dam, built on the same river with a dam built in 1939 near the town of Posticciola.
Along about ten kilometers, is connected to the Lago del Salto by a gallery and supplies the power station Cotilia.
In the middle of the lake facing each other, the first on a peninsula and the other on a rocky knoll, the two towns of Colle di Tora and Castel di Tora, whose name recalls the ancient city Sabine-Roman Thiora.
Castel di Tora, of medieval appearance is dominated by the tower of the ancient castle. Facing the country, on a small peninsula, stands a rocky cone-shaped, with the ruins of the Castle of the Dragon, at the foot of which are the ruins of the ancient village of Antuni. Further upstream, on the right side of the lake, on both sides of a wild valley, there are two small villages clinging to rocky slopes: Ascrea and Paganico. The most important centers for art and historical, in the vicinity of Lake Turano, Rocca are Sinibalda and Collalto Sabino. Rocca Sinibalda, dominated by the famous sixteenth-century castle stands on a rocky outcrop that stands in the valley of the Turano few kilometers downstream of the dam. Collalto Sabino, has a fifteenth-century castle and the nearby convent of St. Francis.
From Rocca Sinibalda, we recommend crossing the scenic Lake Leaping through the ridge of Mount Navegna, through Longone, Vallecupola and Varco Sabino (thirty kilometers, of which 3 of unmade road). Another way by which you can enjoy beautiful views of the Terminillo, Monte Velino and the mountains sloping down to Rome, is one that combines Rieti in Longone. It can be covered as a variant from Rieti to reach the lakes of Salto and Turano.