The territory of Colico has a unique natural beauty and for the wide variety of items, so we rarely get to enjoy side by side within easy reach and thus easily accessible for many activities. Behind the village rises the imposing mass of Mount Legnone lonely with his cloaked in vegetation, in front widens the lake, which occupies the longitudinal furrow dug by the glaciers of the Quaternary, which reached a thickness of more than 1000 meters). The foothill area formed by the alluvial fans of the 3 streams Tricks, Perlino and Merla, fertile and cultivated for centuries, is now densely populated. The flat strip that runs along the lake, once swampy, is now home to many facilities, services and tourist facilities. A unique feature of Colico are the four hills, the three Montagues and the peninsula of Olgiasca survived glacial erosion, along the lake and offer unique landscapes and vegetation. From the eighteenth century graced the coat of arms.