Lecco is a town with a rich past, which preserves the remains of massive walls built by the Visconti and a special charm due to views of the lake, Manzoni air that you breathe in the nearby village of Pescarenico, the views you capture from of its hills and mountains. To enjoy a fantastic view of the lake from Lecco and you can take for example the nearby Malnago the cable car leading to the Piani d’Erna, a town well-equipped for winter sports. The territory of Lecco, thus characterized by high mountain peaks that rise almost vertically from the waters of the lake, offers many places of great interest such as the massive Grignes, the “fitness” of the mountaineers. The terrace of Lecco par excellence is the plateau Pian dei Resinelli, at the foot of the Grignetta, which can be reached starting from Ballabio. In the station from the long tradition of skiing and mountaineering, has been active since 1961, the Valentino Park, an area of 110 hectares visited by paths that meander through the woods and offer spectacular shots of an eye on the mountain tops.