IL LIBERTY NEL MUGELLOIn Mugello two centuries ago came the Chini, great example of fine craftsmanship in the production of ceramics.
At the beginning of the nineteenth century the founder of the family Piero Alessio Chini, a professional decorator, passed down his passion for the arts to children and grandchildren, who apprentices became eclectic, creative, capable artists.
One of the most prominent figures in the family was definitely Galileo Chini, who along with his cousin Chino Chini founded in 1906 to manufacture “San Lorenzo Furnace” in Borgo San Lorenzo, producing ceramics and glass immediate success.
At the beginning of ’900 Galileo Chini became one of the leading exponents of the Italian Liberty and in 1906 his fame as an artist also reached the East so much that he left for Bangkok for decorating the Palace Throne. Subsequently, the Manufacture dressed in stoneware ceramic thermal establishment of Salsomaggiore “Lorenzo Berzieri” and Galileo Chini frescoed a part, collaborating with other artists. Since 1925, the Chini resumed participation in various national and international exhibitions in which he emphasized and successful work by Galileo, now undisputed artist and as a decorator and as a creator of valuable techniques.
The factory continued its activities until 1943, when, after a terrible bombardment of Borgo San Lorenzo, which also caused many casualties, suffered so much damage that he could no longer resume regular activities.
Today we can admire what the descendants of Peter Alexis Chini have created and that the events in the passage of time they have saved in the Museum of the Chini in Borgo San Lorenzo and decorations of the buildings scattered throughout Italy and the world.