IL LIQUORE DI MIRTOBy maceration of plants of wild fennel, thyme and myrtle pleasant liquor products are obtained following the dictates of an old recipe that has been handed down jealously. The berries should be collected by hand, using the appropriate “combs”. They must be fully ripe, or they must be still firm, but pliable and very, very fragrant. To keep up the tradition of myrtle liqueur, in 1994 four producers have formed the Association of Producers of Traditional Liquor Mirto di Sardegna with the support of the European Union and Confederation of Sardinia and the control of two scientific institutions such as the University of Sassari and the Agricultural Institute of San Michele. Do not forget that the myrtle liqueur is also a Traditional Food of Sardinia and that “Traditional Food” is a trademark owned by the Mipaf, which lies outside of the law on the claims PDO, PGI and TSG regarding products, which are the subject of particular attention on the part of local governments, regional, national, and European Union.