Overlooking the Romagna Apennines, about 15 km. from the Adriatic coast of Rimini, about 30 km. Ravenna, lies the beautiful city Malatesta of Cesena. And ‘one of the most important goals of art of Romagna, and a must for lovers of good food and good wine. La Signoria Malatesta guaranteed them a period of great splendor and donated to the city priceless cultural treasures, architectural and artistic still appreciable. The prominent place it occupies in the international agro-food sector and its culinary traditions place it among the most significant destinations in the hinterland of Romagna.

Cesena due to the Malatesta also its fortress, one of the most impressive of Romagna that all you can see from its battlements, with the ‘court’ and two central towers: the ‘male’ and ‘female’. In the latter is the Museum of the History of Agriculture that offers visitors an insight into rural Romagna in the course of time. Surely then the mysterious charm are walkways inside the walls.

Visit Cesena also means discovering a whole territory where, in addition to consolidated offers bathing and thermal, have great value historic villages or small towns like Longiano, Bertinoro, Sarsina, Monteleone and Roncofreddo. They are places rich in ancient remains of the artistic and cultural heritage, as well as, of course, to offer food and wine and typical products.