The coast of Molise extends along 35 km of coastline low, from the mouth of the creek to the river Trigno Saccione in Puglia. The homogeneity of the coast is interrupted by the promontory on which stands the old town of Termoli surrounded by high fortified walls that fall to the sea. And it is precisely Termoli the most famous seaside resort on the coast of Molise thanks to the beauty and breadth of its beaches, as well as a number of important hotel equipment and sports where visitors can enjoy. Its beaches, clean water of the sea, the services offered, have been repeatedly awarded the Blue Flag award in Europe.
The beach in Rio Vivo, south of the city, is the perfect attraction for lovers of water sports and sailing enthusiasts.
The environmental integrity characterizes the entire coast of Molise; the coastal landscape regains full of natural character with its wide branches close to the beaches and the preservation of the original agricultural purpose of the immediate hinterland. The smaller tourist centers, the Navy Montenero, Petacciato and the coast at Campomarino, offer a wonderful seaside setting. Enchanted places for the succession of picturesque dunes colonized by species ammofile to the typical vegetation of the Adriatic coast, shady pine forests on sandy beaches and lidos velvet.
The coastal landscape is strongly related to inland and maritime reality and the more typical peasant come together in a perfect ensemble of traditions and culture, as in the case of gastronomy. But it is not only the integrity of the coast to act as a decoy; develop new itineraries from here until you reach the hinterland dotted with little villages, such as those of Albanian tradition: Portocannone Campomarino Ururi Montecilfone. Community rooted in the ground for more than five centuries of Molise, but which have variously preserved customs and language.