From a boat trip along the old perimeter pentagonal, you can admire the picturesque views overlooking the Medici along the canals and discover an unusual and striking perspective of the city with its numerous bridges, palaces, churches and wineries that open on channels, evidence of an ancient culture and commercial port.

The life of Livorno is inextricably linked to the sea; with its beautiful promenade fringed with tamarisk from the Medici Port comes up to the cliffs of Romito encompasses the most characteristic aspects of the coastal territory. The coastal road overlooking the cliffs of pink stone from where you can reach the sea through the steps carved into the rock. Reaching the coves below the scenario has made it very attractive to a lot of transparency in particular, is known for its waters rich in wildlife and vegetation.

Those who were once coastal fortifications such as the Castle of the mug, the Tower and the Castle of Calafuria Romito today represent the viewpoints overlooking the coast from which to admire the spectacular sunsets, worthy of being called “the most beautiful sunsets in Italy “.

The natural beauty of Livorno are also reflected in the intensity of the green that dominates everywhere.

The natural areas around the city are characterized by the presence of holm oak woods, arbutus and myrtle inhabited by the typical fauna of the bush like wild boars, foxes, porcupines and other species of mammals.