IL LUPO DEL MONFERRATOAfter nearly a hundred years, the wolf has returned to populate the western Alps: a return to some hoped and others feared, but in any case, a return to natural (ie not favored either by public transport or “parachuted” as some “little story” about stubbornly say and ears to find, unfortunately, that lend themselves to listening), a territory which up to that time she had seen him between his permanent fauna.
The latest killing, when established, a wolf in Pinerolo, and probably the entire province of Turin, in fact, occurred on the evening of 4 October 1905, a Saturday to be precise, to the Hill Parabue, upstream of the town of Talucco capital, and the killing was random and unexpected. The killer, a talucchino Cucetto named Joseph, had gone to the area to hunt foxes and her shoot the “big beast” was almost an instinctive act of defense. The fear then that he had killed the big dog of a pastor Frossasco that led up there grazing animals, induced him to leave the place to avoid discussions. It was another talucchino, a Bianciotto, who was going to fix traps for thrushes, to be found shortly after the wolf died and suffered to fall into the village ladies in the ad. It so happened that he met for the very first “lucky” hunter, still shaken by the adventure accadutagli. In the following days, for this fact, was allowed to Cucetto the premium for the killing of vermin by the Agricultural Association of Pinerolo, but what more gratified, it was the fame that accompanied him throughout his life and especially the fact that the company had such an echo to soon become the subject of reworking, to become popular story, the collective heritage of all high-Val Lemina.