IL MAESTRO D'ASCIAAmong the 660,000 units of the national marine park, the hulls are almost always the most interesting emerging from small yards Marche. The seafaring tradition of the region and their extensive coastal taught the shipbuilding workers less a “job” that lasts for thousands of years. Carpenters and shipwrights have worked in each center and riparian someone has grown so much that today receives commissions from around the world. Even the rich Arab oil barons and scions of noble families in Europe, the enterprising adventurers and wealthy playboys who ordained here very learned and superb yachts boats for recreation and sports. Also very active construction sites that lizard-equipped fishing boats of the coast and offshore. Who has not seen the yard next to the resting state in Marotta, with facilities-monument in plain sight? The wood, seasoned, are stacked with care: the solid oak for the “frame” for the Iroko planking and deck, and the root and teak finishes. The few craftsmen who work there like ants they put to sea more than 200 boats, 8 per year. Received important commissions for small yards Pesaro, Fano, Ancona, Civitanova, San Benedetto del Tronto. In Porto San Giorgio I met Erasmus Silence, the last shipwright, carpenter born. Brings to completion the work completely by hand. It ‘a survivor and knows it. Built, boy, his first boat into the house. To get it out had to break down a wall. The first work completed it in 1931, since then it has been a succession of splendid elaborate, agile, perfect for large international events. Boats of the family of the “Flying Dutchman”, fast, planing hull, Olympic boats that have reaped laurels on the water more difficult. Erasmus, who has stolen a child with eyes the craft to the old, now, old, has no heirs to shop. But his work is already a legend. (Terence Montesi from “Marche: Italy doing”)