Il Monte SubasioThe Subasio is part of the Umbria-Marche, is 1,290 m high above sea level and is located in the province of Perugia in Umbria. On its western slopes are situated the towns of Assisi and Spello; to the east is included in the territory of Nocera Umbra and Valtopina, north extends to the territory of Fyvie and south to Foligno.
At 791 meters above sea level, on the slope of Assisi, is the hermitage site of the prison, monastery caves where St. Francis of Assisi was used to take refuge in meditation with his companions.
The climate of Mount Subasio is characterized by cool summers and winters are often harsh and snowy. Characteristic of massive ventilation Subasio is almost always present due to its location detached and isolated from the Umbria-Marche Apennine chain. The winds that invest more in the course of the year the mountains are coming from the north-east and south-west.
In winter snow is common with an appearance that starts at the end of November until the beginning of March with accumulations also very significant in the north-east facing slope and in areas subject to strong gusty north wind that hit the mountain especially following the Burian.
In such a situation usually turns out to be the last Subasio snowy mountain range of the Apennines continuing westward, as it is the orographic boundary between the stau and the Fohn Apennines. In conjunction instead of southerly winds, frequent rains that accompany the Atlantic perturbations in the fall and spring, with mild temperatures even in the smallest particular. The annual rainfall hovering between about 900/1100mm.