Museo del LodenWhere does the wool? And how a coat? We’re not talking about a coat whatever. We are talking about a loden coat, the fabric used always in Alto Adige for making coats, capes, pants, skirts. An interesting museum in Vandoies in Val Pusteria, tells the history and production of this valuable material.
A flock of sheep in a museum? The kids will not believe their eyes. Always used to see these animals free, grazing will be surprised to see them gathered in a museum. It will be your job to make him understand that it is fake sheep. Except for one detail. The wool that surrounds them is absolutely true. Touch to believe. The route starts right from the animals that provide the raw material, the sheep. Will be shown the process of shearing, fulling (that joke with pestles of a water mill), carding with the flower of the thistle and spun.
Curiosity: Originally the loden was the fabric used by the mountain people to cover during the winter. It was a very tough material and cheap. Was also used for making clothing more elegant to use on holidays. It was the Emperor Franz Joseph to ennoble and to introduce it in the imperial court in Vienna. Since then it has become an increasingly sought after and valuable material, required by the nobles from all over Europe for the manufacture of stylish winter clothes.