PARCO MOSTRI BOMARZOIn Lazio, wonderful land by the three existences: Etruscan, Roman and Medieval, Bomarzo shares the glory of an illustrious history and possesses a unique book of its kind in the world. “The Villa of Wonders”. In the gardens of the villas in Lazio will find similar elements, but the prototype of these gardens is the “Sacred Wood of Bomarzo.” I wanted the Prince Pier Francesco Orsini said Close “only to vent the heart.” I invented that great architect who was Pirro Ligorio, who after the death of Michelangelo was called to work at St. Peter’s. Without the Orsini and the Ligorio if you imagined came out a masterpiece that lasts over time, and that the popular imagination as renamed PARK OF THE MONSTERS. By entering this site, you are welcomed by the verses inscribed under the two Sphinxes. You will then pass from one surprise to the sudden appearance of animals and stone figures. The elephant that is going to ucidere a warrior, fighting between Draghi, the ogre, the Sleeping Beauty, Hercules rips Caco, Bears lurking, three-headed beast, Neptune, on top of a tank, Sirens and other interesting shapes, and finally over the head of an Orc, the Globe with overhanging miniature Orsini Castle signifies the power of the House. These sculptures carved in large blocks of stone rooted therein will appear from the ground as fate prodigy. It all goes back to the sixteenth century (1552) period in which they developed an ideal of life between the Prince and the Courtier. This wood has inspired many artists of the time such as Annibale Caro, the Bitussi and Cardinal Modruzzo, to express their astonishment, they wanted to leave engraved on the spot “inscriptions and verses.” After Vicino Orsini’s death nobody cared any longer for this jewel of mannerist art that after centuries of neglect was rescued from oblivion and restored usually to the delight of intellectuals and writers, artists and tourists who come from all over the world to admire this museum outdoors.