PARCO DELLA SILA_2The Park of Sila is divided into two zones: the Sila Grande and Sila Piccola that. The area of the Sila Grande is the largest protected area north, measuring 7005 acres and is in the province of Cosenza; extends into the central part of the plateau, from Mount Altar at Mount Ruggiero, and skirts the lake to the west of Blindness. Here the “granite” silanes, crystalline rocks, outcrops along the waterways encased in a thick dark green vegetation, characteristic of Corsican pine, beech and oak. With less high peaks of the Sila Grande, Sila Piccola measurement 5689 acres, and is included in the provinces of Catanzaro and Crotone; The park is bounded on the north by the river Tacina and south from the town of Villaggio Mancuso. It has the same features wildlife and nature of the Sila Grande, with the difference being crossed by valleys facing south. It houses beautiful forests such as the famous Bosco Gariglione. The climate is different from that of the Sila Grande, because the more humid and rainy.