The province of Carbonia-Iglesias is the least extensive of Sardinia. It is located in the extreme southwestern part of the island; is a newly created province has a hinterland of great scenic interest, with areas left completely untouched: in this area is in fact the Natural Park of Sulcis, charming town set on the edge of the mountain range of Sulcis, the area of the valley (also called Gutturu mannu) takes its name from its conformation, being a great gorge cut through the mountains, and is crossed by the Rio Mannu Gutturu. It falls within the territories of the countries Asselby. About accessed for the first time in the mountain area of Gutturu Mannu is hit by thick forest vegetation, characterized by oaks, poplars, cork oaks, myrtle, carob, mastic and cysts, the variety of wildlife, as well as the picturesque waterways and from numerous sources.