The surroundings of Fabriano, on the border with Umbria and the province of Macerata, offer one of the most beautiful areas of the territory and the region both from the standpoint of environment and landscape from the point of view of cultural history. The Middle Ages led to the building in a safe place, usually on hilltops, masonry structures such as castles, towers and fortresses, the work of local lords to the desire to pool their lands and have better control over them, respecting the existing structures, the natural conditions of the place and the main roads of the area. The intention of these gentlemen was to create “organisms” socio-political to the above parties and independent from the legislative and administrative point of view. These structures bear witness to the historical presence of many autonomous, often in conflict with each other, the rest of the name of the Marche region indicates that this was a land border, a crossroads of different peoples.
The “green heart” of the region is the Regional Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi. A trip in the Park is a “journey into the heart of the Marches”, discovering the historical and artistic treasures, hidden by landscapes rich in charm and harmony, surrounded by unspoilt and lush. The park is an oasis of nature that offers the opportunity to hike in its many paths, admiring the wealth of flora and fauna typical of the pre-Apennines. A splendid example is the striking karst Frasassi Gorge, carved by the waters of the river erosion Sentinum that for millennia has shaped these places, creating rocky cliffs and giving rise to an underground kingdom of unparalleled splendor: the caves of Frasassi.