The Ticino river has always been a natural border between civilizations, nations, peoples, rulers, who have plenty of fortified this strategic area especially with towers and castles; among the many castles are to be remembered: the Castle of Vigevano, Villa Visconti Cassindetta Lugagnano Castle in Somma Lombardo.
The river Ticino, situated on one of the most important routes which linked the Po Valley with the center of Europe, has been since prehistoric times a convenient waterway for commercial traffic of all kinds. On its banks have developed human settlements since ancient times such as Vigevano. Located between Lombardy and Piedmont, a short distance from Milan, with its 91 410 hectares, of which 22,249 in the Natural Park, Parco del Ticino is the perfect destination for a variety of activities in contact with nature. The park is an area of high biodiversity, where a large variety of environments – rivers, forests, heaths, wetlands, agricultural plain – is a wonderful variety of habitats, within which are unique conditions for the survival of many species of animals and plants. The park offers plenty of opportunities to spend days immersed in the greenery and nature, practicing responsible tourism.