FIUGGIAccording to the history of Fiuggi, Peter Margani was a beautiful young man, captain of the archers of the papal troops. To have sown turmoil in the Papal States was incarcerated. Leo X rehabilitated him and gave him, in perpetual lease, the castle of Anticoli Country. As a result, for having threatened a young married woman (and it was the first), was killed in an ambush by some local youths. His body was brought to Rome where they were bestowed honors as a hero. In 1517, his heirs, not pleasing to anticolani, upon payment of 2,500 ducats, gave the lease of the castle to Prospero Colonna. According to tradition, on the other hand the popular imagination has built on this episode, a legend passed down to the present day. The young Margani, lord of the castle, is said to have exercised I “Droit de seigneur.” That he had the right to possess the thalamus in his young brides before their husbands. If the girl was not a virgin, was thrown into a well. Sharp blades on the walls and the bottom tore the meat of the poor unfortunate. The well still exists today, in good condition, and is called the “Well of the Virgin: it is adjacent to the old prisons, in the historic center. Yet the legend tells that even a young attractive mother and daughter would be replaced immediately after the wedding ceremony, and just before the embrace, he stabbed and killed the vicious warlord.