IL SACRO MONTE DI CREAThe Sacred Mountain is located on one of the highest points of the eastern sector of the Basso Monferrato, Alessandria, on a very steep hill from the slopes consist of easily eroded sedimentary rock, at an altitude ranging between 355 and 455 meters above sea level The Nature Park, 47 acres, (alt. 355-455 m above sea level) was established by the Region Piedmont with Law no. 5 of 01.28.1980, in order to protect, maintain and enhance the natural, environmental and landscape, cultural and architectural treasures of the Sacred Mountain, and to promote initiatives designed to allow the use of the territory for scientific, educational, cultural and recreational services.
The Shrine of Roman origin, was ruled by the Canons of Vezzolano up to 1468, then by the Lateran until 1798, by the Servites up to 1801, from 1820 until 1992 by the Minor Franciscans. Currently, he is led directly by the Curia of Casale, owner of the Sacro Monte. The Church, dedicated to the Assumption, was enlarged in 1483 by the Marquis of Monferrato William Palaeologus in 1608 to 1612 by the Lateran.