IL SASSO DI PETORSOLAThe Sasso di Petorsola is magical monument of Mount Amiata. The name of Petorsola is commonly linked to the protagonist of a legend that has always stimulated the popular imagination inspiring and rekindling ancestral fears. The oral memory is about a magical rock that originally would have been a fairy castle, then by their own petrified.
Petorsola was the fairy (in some versions, the witch) more important in the area and lived right in the castle which stood where now there is the stone. The fairy had a daughter (or son) that he brought with him when he came to bake bread in an oven of the village.
While the other women, the village, came in late (ie, did not meet the rounds dell’infornata) and chatted with each other, Petorsola (and the other fairies / witches who accompanied) was always on time and remained silent, such that, in the eyes of santafioresi appeared almost haughty. Their resentment aroused so much that one day they decided to provoke it. Therefore organized a macabre fiction: did the act of wanting to cook, along with bread, even her daughter. When Petorsola saw that gesture, reacted violently and, going away, he said: “I have never seen what to do, ‘na daughter of a fairy volella bake …!” Arrived at his castle, livid with anger and resentment, for prohibit its views to the villagers who had dared so much, with a spell turned him into stone. It seems that as a result of the fairies witches tramutassero in cats to twist all the tails and mane of horses in the country with the inseparable and that every Saturday to come back in a crevice in the rock to consume their sabbatical rites.