Il tempio della Consolazione di TodiThe Temple of Consolation of Todi is one of the examples of the most important Renaissance church with a Greek cross. It is an architecture of national and international importance. The church, located outside the walls of the city of Todi, owes its construction, which began in 1508 and ended after almost a hundred years, to a legend (early sixteenth century) that narrates the incident happened in front of a shrine of Our Lady: “a worker was busy cleaning the brambles the image of Madonna and Child with Saint Catherine of Alexandria, with the cloth he was using wiped semispento an eye for an annoying cataract and this miraculously healed.’s people and immediately noticed the elders the city decided to build the Madonna called just ‘consolation’ a large and beautiful temple. “That old image is still preserved today in the eye of the central sumptuous baroque altar. The building is historic political as well as the conditions found in the Marian cult in Todi, even in strong competition with other nearby cities, with many behind the construction of prestigious medieval cathedrals: the City of Todi was advantageous the prospect of building a important temple in the Renaissance style and its peripheral position had the advantage of presenting the city with a prestige object already visible in the distance. The authorship of the architectural design is not safe; in each case the Temple as we see it today is the result of a long process of construction and therefore not only the decisive step of the design of Bramante. They should also be noted Cola Caprarola architect-entrepreneur, Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, Ambrose of Milan architect and master builder of the chisel and Giandomenico from Pavia. The design closely resembles that of the original St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, for which Bramante provided at the time a church central plan. Funding for the project came about through different sources: among these, great importance was the offerings of pilgrims from all over Italy. In the immediate vicinity of the temple was erected a convenient block to Hospice of the pilgrims and the sick, under the direction of some monks who cared for the custody and the cult of Tempio.Fondamentale for the realization of the work was the contribution of Ludovico degli Atti, man rich and powerful of the city of Todi, in fact it happened right in the house of the noble act of incorporation of a company, or congregation of nobles, with the task of managing the construction of the Church of Our Lady of Consolation. The image of Mary with the baby is inside the altar built in 1634 and designed by architect Carlo Rainaldi. The apses placed on all sides each containing a statue of one of the 12 apostles. The church also houses a wooden statue, created by French sculptor Carlo Laurenti around 1638, one of the most prominent personalities tuderti Pope Martin I lived in the seventh century dC.Attualmente the opening worship is guaranteed by an agreement between the ‘Agency owner and the Parish of St. George.