VINO MONTEPULCIANO_2The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano D.O.C.G. has always been a top product of Italian and world. Already famous Etruscan times, continues to pass in our day, the flavors and aromas of this enchanted land. The name comes from its Vino Nobile quality and the fact that it was used in the tables of nobles and lords of Montepulciano, but also in the tables of Europe’s most famous of the time. Its flavor is decidedly elegant and harmonious, dry, with hints of berries typical of the undergrowth and even jam. Keep long its ability aromatic. It can be accompanied with game or red meat. It ‘also easy, combining it with local cheeses such as pecorino or seasoned ones (eg. Parmigiano reggiano). Experts recommend serving this wine in large glasses and large to allow for a better organoleptic result oo decanting to savor the best flavors and tastes.