“Tuscia” is the official name of Etruria, the region inhabited by the ancient Etruscans, established in the administrative reorganization of ancient operated by the Emperor Diocletian. In the Middle Ages there were three Tusce, the royal or Lombard (Tuscany), the Ducale (the Duchy of Spoleto) and the Roman corresponding to the northern Lazio. And ‘this, now corresponding to the province of Viterbo, the only one who has inherited a name rightfully so prestigious. The visit to the Tuscia in fact leads us in an area rich in history and culture, in an exciting rediscovery of medieval castles, Roman ruins, Etruscan necropolis and city, set in a natural environment still intact. An added bonus is also offered by the wealth of events taking place in the streets and squares of many towns that have their roots in the past of an ancient land, to the Etruscans.