ISOLA DEL LIRICrossed the Liri River and surrounded by the city in the past was called “Insula Filiorum Petri” that island of local nobility, the sons of Peter the Lombard steward Maggiore, Isola di Sora and became, from May 22, 1869, Isola del Liri. By 800 has long been an important center of the paper industry, an activity which has left many traces even in its urban fabric. Today Island is committed to a recovery of its past. It has recently been brought to light the ancient paper mill Beranger-Coste, then Lefebvre, which will become home to the “Museum of the Charter and Telecommunications”, where you can relive the centuries-old tradition of paper Isola del Liri. Attractiveness, which mobilizes visitors from everywhere, is the picturesque waterfall “Big” in the center of town makes a jump of about 30 m., Thus constituting a unique case in Italy. On the top of the place stands the medieval Castello Boncompagni-Viscogliosi, a national monument (XIV-XVIII). Altered several times, contains, in the Sala degli Stucchi, 18 reliefs depicting the domains of the Boncompagni family as they were in the early seventeenth century. Among the churches point out that of St. Lawrence Martyr, c. XVII, which houses an altarpiece (XVI century), with frescoes and wooden statues from different eras and a large organ; the Church of St. Mary of the Forms in the Gothic style, under renovation; St. Anthony maintains that a SS. Crucifix so dear to the islanders; St. Mary of the Flowers with the bells in bronze (1930-40) of the local foundry “Antonio Loffredo.” Of interest are the remains of a watchtower on the hill of San Sebastian, and the other so-called “Cicero” in loc. Carnello, in whose district, where it flows into the Liri Fibreno, the villa was the father of the great orator.