ISOLA CAPRI_2The beauty of this enchanting island does not need to be celebrated, but only appreciated, if possible, with the calm and tranquility that should inspire such a beautiful place. Capri is an island of light-colored rock that rises in sea front in Naples, with the high coasts and often steep, carved by the waves in a thousand underwater caves: its spectacular Faraglioni are only the most famous of its rocky beaches, where the white of the limestone cliffs reflected in the intense blue of the water. On this island lived the Roman emperor Tiberius, 27-37 d. C., building 12 villas, among which Villa Jovis, on a cliff, with the buildings arranged over several floors connected by stairs, even in ancient times could retire between the wild Mediterranean scrub and flower-filled gardens of the island was Already a privilege to be emperors. Today, the best way to deal Capri is to walk the scenic trail is called the Via Krupp: sgranerà before our eyes is one of the most lush and beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean.