ISOLA DI MURANOThe island of glass is located in the lagoon of Venice and is part of the municipality of Venice. In 1291 they were transferred here the numerous shops of glassmakers, with their furnaces, for fear of fires that could spread across the city. Divided into five islands, Murano had been until then a summer residence of the nobles. Following his appearance was determined by the glass, which came to be used in ovens over a thousand people; industry which, although transformed into limited production craft and art, has continued uninterrupted until today. In the museum of glass art, housed in the Giustiniani, Venetian glass and can be seen all over the world. Shortly distate is the church of SS Maria e Donato, an important example of Venetian-Byzantine architecture of the century. XII, with mosaics and frescoes of the buckets. XII and XIII.