KAFKA E I FRATELLI MANN A RIVA DEL GARDAAmong the distinguished guests in Riva del Garda is proud we were, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Franz Kafka, and the brothers Heinrich and Thomas Mann. Franz Kafka (Prague 1883-Kierling 1924), author of numerous novels and short stories, in 1909 he chose Riva del Garda for a holiday, then tornandovi in 1913 ..
Heinrich Mann (Lubeck 1871 – Santa Monica 1950), author of novels, short stories, plays, was in Riva del Garda twenty times for a total of about two and a half years. Here’s what he wrote in a letter dated October 1893: “Here it is very quiet … Lake Garda is wonderful; There are boat trips, hiking, waterfalls, an old and charming town, a good hotel and excellent food, things that give an indescribable sense of security. “We hit the ‘” perfect blue “of the lake, the light:” I capable of blinding light strip of silvery reflections, the midday sun casts over the entire length of the lake to look for a small boat, that there seems to be lost in, and I think that – as perhaps it is impossible because no one is able to see – you should paint: this army of silver stars when you move the black dot. ”
Thomas Mann (Lübeck-1875 Zurich 1955), Nobel Prize for Literature in 1929, stayed on several occasions in Riva del Garda, between 1901 and 1904.’s What he wrote in a letter: “In the morning we shall always for several hours on the lake and, especially at the beginning, I am very intrigued … There is something extraordinarily moving when, after a long period of restlessness, for the first time you come back to slip into this quiet sunny, gently whispering and lapping, enclosed by mountains strict … “they deserve to be reported his impressions to the waterfall Varone:” the cascade of Varone: against the backdrop of the deep, narrow chasm formed by boulders bellied, naked, slimy, like huge bellies of fish, the water mass pouring down with a noise senseless. The crowds and the mighty roar was deafening, frightening and caused auditory hallucinations. Could be heard behind him, above him, and from all parts of threatening calls and warners, trumpets and rough male voices. Above the tunnel, he looked down into the great deep gorge in which the electric light was shining red: an entrance to hell, to the forge of Vulcan. ”