There is a place where you can find the spirit of the mountain, where views and architecture, traditions and gastronomy, landscapes and traditions have remained intact over time. A place made of large natural areas, sometimes still wild, the breathtaking peaks and valleys spectacular. This place is Carnia, rich in natural places, history, art, events and traditions and many opportunities for leisure. You can discover the many routes on foot, horseback or mountain bike in the summer, skiing or snowshoeing in the winter, along easy trails well marked trails or spectacular views of ridges.
In Carnia history has ancient origins. Inhabited since the Stone Age, this land on the border of Italy, still shows the signs and traces of its past. Along the streets of small towns or in the rooms of many museums unwind the threads of history and emerge the traditions and rituals of the local people. Visiting Carnia, as it turns out in every valley you will be preserved specific traditions, traces of history and an ancient culture still visible in the architecture, in the symbolism, in the stories of the people. The amazing thing is that it’s all still there, handy, simple and authentic.