LA CERAMICA DI VIETRIVietri is considered one of the manufacturing centers of artistic and traditional ceramics in Italy. Clay working in the Salerno was born in the sixth and fifth centuries BC thanks to the presence in the north east of Salerno excellent clay pits which favored, as well as the appropriation of an ancient pre-Roman center also has a long and ancient tradition of pottery that comes down to our days. The further development of this art as there was, however, especially since the eighteenth century, when Vietri became famous for its pottery decorated. The many ceramic factories, known as faience, from the high furnaces and numerous trade with Sicily, Tuscany and other areas of the Mediterranean, will allow a development and a significant spread of this production that takes the shape of a real modern industry . Vietri Costiera have hosted over the years, world-renowned artists who have left an important trace in contemporary artistic production, just remember for all Dolker Richard and Irene Kowaliska, that with the help of Guido Gambone have revived the name and themes of Vietri ceramics in the world. The recurring themes and characteristic represented in the creations are those of a rustic landscape of country churches, pastors and farmers, to farm animals including the famous cockerel Vietri, who are the icons of a deep-rooted tradition and archaic peasant’s own these lands.