LA CIVILTA' WALSERA treasure that the Valsesia shared by the neighboring valleys, is civilization Walzer (contraction of the German Walliser, ie Valais, a resident of the canton of Valais). At the foot of Monte Rosa lives for over 7 centuries, a German-speaking community in the Upper Valais original, but that has jealously maintained a culture that is expressed in the language, traditions and especially in architectures that combine the use of wood and the stone with the ability of social and economic organization of the territory. Wonderful are the villages of Alagna and in particular those of the Other, accessible only by foot, with little more than an hour’s steep walk. But also in other places, especially in Rima and Rimella, it is still possible to observe the testimony of a civilization without borders, certainly the most important in the Alps. Two small museums housed in old houses, can help us to know the Walser; Pedemonte Alagna, well inserted in the village and wisely ordered and Rabernardo Val Vogna, in a panoramic position.