The purple coast extends for about 35 km between the Strait of Messina (southern border) and the lower Tyrrhenian (northern border) and includes four municipalities whose territories bordering the sea with a vast hinterland behind. The coastline, squeezed between the sea and the mountains, it is dominated by high and rugged coastal well as charming and picturesque ravines as the “cave of the Hawk.” From Mount St. Elias is possible to enjoy a superb panorama on the background of the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands and the two active volcanoes Etna and Stromboli. The coastal road crosses the slopes covered by Mediterranean scrub. The entire area is also characterized by terraced vineyards overlooking the sea. The beaches and the various coasts are rocky, sometimes sandy and sometimes gravelly ridges dominated by Aspromonte and Monte Poro, that plunge straight into the sea. The seabed is similar to the tropics and have an ecosystem is still intact. Have recently been discovered off the coast of Scilla, rare black coral colonies while those in Palmi, taken in the head Barbi, many colonies of white coral. In front of the shores of tuna Palmi, is the characteristic “Rock of the Olive”, so named for the spontaneous growth of an olive tree.