LA COSTEDDA The costedda is a typical dish of Villasimius, a town in the province of Cagliari. The costedda is a cake that has the distinction of being mixed with water but not with the pulp that is obtained by crushing the tomatoes, or rather it is the flour that is added to the tomatoes (and not as is customary from flour and integrate a bit ‘at a time the water). Given this specificity knows costedda is also called “cun costedda tamata.” With reference to the flour must be emphasized that there is an exact quantity to be added because everything depends on the consistency of the tomatoes and how these can absorb. So it is advisable to have the bag of flour and add a little close ‘at a time.
Curious as we are, we wanted to try this recipe and the result was really delicious. The flatbread Sa costedda (called by many tomato bread) is very fragrant and soft on the inside surface. In addition to the tomatoes costedda can be enriched with the onion (add in many other spices).
The costedda know it can be filled with meats and cheeses or enjoyed alone. For this lends itself well to a delicious dinner (instead of the classic pizza) or even to enrich the buffet and hors d’oeuvres.