LA FONTINAFontina cheese is a cheese that sums up all the unique aspects of raw milk and whole and its manufacture; presents a compact crust, thin and brownish, within which is contained a semi-cooked, supple and dark, with small holes and poor. The color is pale straw in the forms produced in the winter when the cows are fed with hay, and tends to yellow more intense in the summer production. The flavor is sweet and fragrant aroma is accentuated with aging. It is a cheese from the energy value, rich in phosphorus, calcium and vitamins A and B: a complete food, genuine and easy to digest. Its production is regulated by a rigid specification that defines it: ‘a semi-fat cheese, made with whole milk from cows belonging to the breed Valle d’Aosta (red speckled and mottled black, brown), coming from a single milking. “In 1996, Fontina scored by the European Union Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), which unambiguously states as its exclusive production must take place in the Valle d’Aosta area by the particular geographical, soil, climatic, agronomic and cultural to provide protection from attempts at imitation. At the seasoning, after a series of strict controls, the Consortium of Producers and Privacy Fontina DOP shall mark: the forms marked with such mark are guaranteed in terms of quality and authenticity.