LA GIOSTRA DELL’ORSOThe Joust of the bear is a modern rendition of the ancient Berber stake, which is held in the city of Pistoia since the thirteenth century every 25 July, the day dedicated to the patron Saint James. It ‘an equestrian event which is held between twelve knights, three for each of the four quarters of the town, which collide with each other in pairs to win the prize or rag.
The race consists of eighteen rounds, which are drawn down and the morning of 25 July, in which the riders have to break down a target in the shape of a bear by hitting it with a spear.
The rating is assigned in this way: three points for a first come first and breaks down the bear, a point to those who came in second and strikes the bear, zero points for those who do not hit the bear.
Until a few years ago the knight who arrived first on the target took a point even if you do not hit the target, but this rule has been removed to prefer the precision at the speed that often led to make too much risk to horses and riders.
The scores obtained by the knights in the various sessions are going to be added on the basis of belonging to the ward and the ward who eventually gets the most points wins the tournament and receives the prize. If more teams are equal in further rounds of playoff races.
In addition to contributing to the victory of their own ward targets accumulated by individual riders are used to achieve the coveted prize of the spur gold which is awarded to the rider who has won the most points at the end of the ride.