GROTTA DEL TURCOVisiting Gaeta, a must is a stop at the “Cave of the Turkish”, is linked to an ancient religious tradition that came to light at the time of Christ’s death, when he tore the veil of the temple of Jerusalem, and several popular beliefs. Along the steps leading into the bowels of the mountain, along the narrow cleft of the rock, on the right, you can see an inscription in Latin and above it, a disturbing impression of a translucent hand etched in the rock, which according to legend, belonged a sailor turkish. The disbeliever was, not Christian, skeptical about the origin of the cracks in the sacred mountain, but as soon as put, bold, hand on the rock, that, according to tradition, he instantly liquefò like wax under his fingers, leaving the clear imprint of the hand and fingers 5 that even now you can see. Given the natural environment, it is not excluded that in the cave, in medieval times, ships are in port of Saracen pirates who found refuge in the crevices of this strategic promontory, ready to attack by surprise ships in transit, in order to plunder the their loads. At the end of the path, there is also a stone bed, where he used meditation retreat in St. Philip Blacks. In 1434 a probable earthquake caused the collapse of a large boulder that got stuck in one of the crevices of the mountain, this was erected a chapel, from where you can enjoy a splendid view of both the surrounding sea, sull’altissima that cliff over 150 meters visible from the terrace.