La Laguna di TindariIn addition to the Shrine of the Black Madonna, another very charming place is the Lagoon of Tindarys which is on route 113, along the Tyrrhenian coast. A truly breathtaking scenery and, for lovers of the sea, very unique. Another place is very charming beach Marinello.
At this beach are several legends linked and one of the most well-known story goes that the beach was formed after the fall of a girl from the terrace of the sanctuary above. Another legend says instead of death on this beach, Pope Eusebius on August 17, 310.
In addition to the legends, this beach is also to talk about its beauty. On the ridge overlooking the beach is a cave which according to legend was inhabited by a witch who attracted sailors and then devour them. When his spells did not work the sorceress vented his anger puncturing the rock walls with her fingers and this should have small holes that are located on the walls of the cave.
Between myth, art, culture and history unfolds the beauty of Tindarys admired since the time of Cicero to Camilleri. Camilleri has chosen the city of Tindarys for one of the stories of his most famous novel, the Inspector Montalbano.