CARSO TRIESTINOAn old legend says that when God had completed the creation of the world, he noticed that there were too many stones scattered here and there. He then appointed an angel to go to pick them up and throw them into the sea. The angel took a lot and began collecting and, when the bag was full, he flew in the direction of the sea.
But, just when it was close to the goal and was flying over a beautiful land all covered with forest, was seen by the devil who had his abode here. When he saw the bag and thinking that it contained a treasure that the angel was carrying to heaven, cut the bag to see what’s inside his amazement it came a cascade of stones endless, falling, he held all the land below burying forever the woods and meadows full of flowers.
That land was condemned to remain a barren stony to punish the inhabitants who had allowed the devil to stay there.