LA LEGGENDA DEL RU MORTAs in any other region, even in the Valle d’Aosta can be heard in the voices of the people, ancient legends handed down from generation to generation with folklore telling and describing its characteristic landscapes.
One of these tells of Ru Mort.
Every Stream, during flood periods, is guarded by a guard. One day the Guard of Ru Mort went to do the usual tour of inspection of the stream. That day, however, the guardian felt followed by a mysterious presence; with the corner of his eye, he noticed something moving in the grass and discovered that it was a black snake. The warden took a stick and away the snake, then went on the tour of inspection along the Ru. After a hundred yards he saw the snake again. Frightened, he ran off along the stream. After a few yards he stopped to catch his breath and saw the snake at his feet again. Then grabbed a stick and hit her mortally. From that day on the stream started to lose water and the walls crumbled under the force of rushing water. The Guardian, convinced that he had killed a simple adder, had actually killed the fairy protector of Ru, from that day, took the name of Mort, because all vegetation died, which was previously irrigated with water from the stream.