LA LEGGENDA DELLA BOREAWe all know that Trieste is also famous for the strong wind that characterizes it, the Bora, which we often hear about in the news for the violence with which “attacks” the city; but we know that it is not just a wind for locals, has long become an entity that is part of the tradition and local legends.
Among these we can bring back the most prevalent which justifies the destructive nature of Bora as anger unleashed hindered by love between two gods, a theme widely discussed in the tradition Poplare.
Boreas, gentle wind blowing in the spring on the Carso meets one day the King of Trees, Tanaris who had his throne in a very old oak tree.
Immediately fell in love and lived a summer in full happiness.
With the arrival of winter, Boreas must give way to the cold winter winds.
The winter was so hard that sopraggiunse that the men were forced to cut many trees is to reinforce that to heat their homes.
At the foot of the old oak tree, for God or a deity who lived in the tree, however, left him, offered gifts before cutting.
Tanaris, the King of Trees homeless had to ascend to heaven and remain permanently in the paradise of the gods. The following spring Borea not finding the old oak tree he realized he had lost his great love and he went mad with grief and swore revenge against men.
It turned into a witch for the pain by taking refuge in a cave crying about love lost and went out only to destroy with all the force of his pain and anger the homes of men.
It is said that listening to the wind blow you can still hear her cries of pain and his lament for lost love.