LA LEGGENDA DELLA CASCATA DELLE MARMOREThere is a legend that tells how the waterfall was created … Talk about a Nymph beautiful and graceful, Black, daughter of God Apennines, who fell in love with young shepherd Velino. The goddess Juno, though at a banquet came to know of this profane love and decided to punish the Nymph bringing it to the top of Mount Carrier where the girl was transformed into a river: the Black River. She began to flow like a flood of tears, until you get to the cliff where he had met Velino the first time. Velino, in the meantime, not knowing what had happened to his beloved, questioned a sibyl that revealed what had happened. At this point, Velino decided to jump off the cliff to be reunited with his beloved Black. That drop of water, today the Cascade Falls, is the symbol of their eternal love.