LA LEGGENDA DELLA DONNA LIBERATA DAL MALEFICIOIt was autumn and the herdsmen had already returned to the valley. One evening, two hunters came to a hut in Graun and decided to spend the night. At midnight, suddenly, there came a woman who lit the fire and put on a pot of water that poured out of the ashes. When that strange dish was ready, he began to eat it and even offered to two hunters, who, however, given the ingredients, it had been completely appetite. Following the repeated calls of the woman, however, they sat down at the table and began to eat. And … surprise! That grayish jelly was delicious! When the hunters had finished eating, he suddenly realized that she had become completely white. He thanked the two heart to have her freed from the curse: he told them that while he was alive he had worked in the mountain hut, but had wasted a lot of milk and butter, for which he had been condemned to live there as a spirit. Finally the two hunters, eating what he cooked, they had freed from the spell.