LA LEGGENDA DELLA TESTA MONOCROMAIn the early 1500′s Raphael and Michelangelo Buonarroti are considered the two most famous painters in circulation in those years to the young Roma.In pictorial genius of Raphael was entrusted with the decoration of the rooms of the Villa Farnesina, then the residence of the great financier Augustine Chigi.E ‘Raphael is known that during the course of work of his frescoes in the villa, was extremely jealous of his work, so as not to allow anyone, except its employees, to gain a vision of the unfinished frescoes. Less famous than ever to his rival Michelangelo! Must say that although the two great artists were rivals in the work, and publicly manifest their different positions in the style and techniques, they reserved in their underwear probably a lot of respect and a strong mutual interest. Legend has it that Michelangelo was extremely curious as they proceeded to examine the frescoes of Raphael. But he was also aware that he would never have gained access to the rooms … at least not in a lawful way! It is said that he managed to evade the surveillance of the guards through a ruse: he disguised himself as seller and distracted the guards with the merchandise, and then sneaked into the palace during a break of lavori.Quando he found himself in front of half-painted walls , was finally able to admire, even if for a few moments, the work of his rival. Perhaps to fill the time waiting for his pupil Daniele da Volterra, or perhaps to “scold” Raphael, in front of a blank bezel still could not resist the temptation: he took a piece of charcoal and drew well, with no color “to Flight, “a beautiful and gigantic head, before sgattagliolare via.Potete imagine the surprise that Raphael had when returning to work, he found the head in the lunette! Study was a stunningly beautiful face, he realized that only the hand of Michelangelo could have produced a drawing of that skill, and although angry at the intrusion, had not the strength to delete it, in fact, ordered that no one toccasse.Leggenda or reality? The history of the “official” tells us that it is the work of Baldassare Peruzzi, but the famous “head monochrome” is still there (see picture), in a lunette of the “room of Galatea”, isolated, mysterious and incredibly out of context and with a style very different from everything around her, one would say that … inimitable style.