LA LOI (LA LEGGE) SUL GARGANOOne of the first films shot on the Gargano promontory is called “La loi” is a drama / comedy from 1958 directed by Jules Dassin, based on the novel by Roger Vailland. The shooting took place between the towns of Carpino, Rodi Gargano Peschici and San Menaio. The film is inspired by the title from the name of a game typical of southern Italy, “The Game of Law”, which took place in the cellars or taverns. In front of a mug, you choose a leader, who, until the wine is consumed, has the right to tell everyone present all the secrets of his knowledge about him or her. Who is targeted cannot complain. Similarly, in the film, exists above the authority constituted, the law of Don Caesar, to which everyone submits. Don Caesar is an old man who lives in a large house surrounded by many women, including Marietta’s daughter and granddaughter of the servants of the house. It ‘a very young girl, sensual, bully who falls in love with a young agronomist, and to be able to marry a tourist steals your wallet with five hundred thousand francs. In the village there is, however, also Matteo Brigante, another bully that wants to impose its own law and trying in vain to seduce Marietta in a forced way. The latter, tired of the heavy courtship, Matthew scars and shoves empty wallet that had previously stolen, so Matthew is accused of theft. While it seeks to impose its law on all, Matteo Brigante is unable to enforce the law in his own home. His son Francis falls in love with Donna Lucrezia, the mogliedel judge of the country, the father makes sure that the report is truncated but cannot prevent your son is home and the woman ends up killing himself. Meanwhile, for the old Don Cesare nears its end, but before he died, he exonerates Matteo Brigante, Marietta forces to return the stolen money and the appointment of his heir. She can then finally marry the agronomist. Cast of the film are Gina Lollobrigida, Pierre Brasseur, Marcello Mastroianni, Melina Mercouri, Yves Montand and Paolo Stoppa.