The average Valtellina to the north of England comprises territories such as the city of Sondrio and Tirano. Located roughly in the middle of the great plain of the Valtellina and media together at the mouth of the Valmalenco, in the past, transit hub and trade with the Engadine through the way of the wall partition, Sondrio has become the most important center of what is in the centuries been properly Valtellina, namely the three Terzieri, lower, middle and upper. Tirano, for its strategic location (it is located at the confluence of the Val Poschiavina – in turn, culminating in the Bernina Pass, gateway to Raetia – in the Valtellina valley, not far from two other ports of great historical importance, and those dell’Aprica Mortirolo, joining Valtellina and high Valcamonica) and the historical events of the city is the protagonist of the story of the Valtellina in past centuries.