LA MELA DELLA VAL VENOSTAThe Vinschgau, for over 50 years, is the largest producer of apples in South Tyrol. Its dry climate, with 300 days of sunshine and 500 mm of rain per year, promotes the ideal conditions for the cultivation of the apple. The bracing climate difficult to eradicate even the presence of parasites, against which no chemicals are used. It is in this way that the Val Venosta, in the cultivation of apples, is particularly sensitive to environmental issues. In fact, insects are “good” to ward off the harmful pests for apples. Just the ladybug was voted the “protector of apples” and then a symbol that accompanies apples from Val Venosta. There are many certifications that have rewarded apples from Val Venosta; the frequent checks carried out on the quality of apples, have recognized the EurepGAP certification for the control of production.