LA MONTAGNA SPACCATA E IL SANTUARIO DELLA SS. TRINITA’The Split Mountain is definitely one of the most beautiful places of Gaeta, visited every year by tourists who are caught by the magic of the three slits of the promontory. The Sanctuary of SS. Trinity, built in the eleventh century on a crack in the rock, is renowned in the history here because you prayed several popes, including Pope Pius IX, kings, bishops and saints, including Bernardine of Siena, Ignatius Loyola, Leonardo da Porto Maurizio and St. Philip Blacks. Legend has it that St. Philip Blacks had lived in the Split Mountain where there is a bed of stone known today as “The bed of St. Philip Blacks.” Along the walls of the rock, you can see the boxes in majolica of the stations of the Via Crucis, partly restored, dating back to 1849 and attributed to St. Bernardine of Siena, containing the verses of Metastasio.