LA MONTAGNAThe mountain is a film by Edward Dmytryk, 1956.’s Based on the novel The snow in mourning Henry Troyat, in turn inspired by the crash of 1950 Malabar Princess. The plot of the film is about Zachary and Christopher “Cris” Teller are two brothers who live together in a small village in Haute-Savoie; among them there is a big age difference, and Zechariah has practically done for his father and mother Cris. The two are very different, Zechariah, a former mountain guide who has abandoned the mountaineering activity following the death of a customer living raising sheep, happy with his life, while his brother works in the tourism sector in the country, impatient of his situation and eager to get rich and leave. One day, a plane from Kolkata crashed on top of Bald Mountain, which overlooks the village. The rescue team, who against the advice of Zacharias attempted the ascent to the normal route on the north side, must give rise after death in a crevasse of their leader, an old friend of Zechariah. Cris has groped the idea of the ascent from the south side to reach the wreck and plunder gold, jewels and money; Zechariah refuses to go along, then, concerned for the safety of her brother decided to go anyway, is convinced. The next day, the two begin the ascent, with Zechariah as first climber; the climb proves to be difficult, there are some accidents, but in the end the two brothers reached the summit ridge, and finally the wreck. While rummaging in search of values, Cris is an Indian girl who has survived the impact; Zechariah groped decided to take her to the valley, against the advice of Cris, who fears that their shipment of looting is discovered. The brothers are camping in the wreckage of the plane, while the storm rages; the next day, Zachary prepares a makeshift sled for the girl, but Cris pushes him away and tries to strangle survived: it follows a fight between the two brothers, in which the elder has the better. Exploiting the fact that the storm has improved the tightness of the snow, Zechariah begins the descent down the glacier on the north side, with the girl on the slide; Cris, recovered bags of values and cameras following him, but could not reach it. Once at the glacier crevasse, Zechariah, and the girl can go on a snow bridge unstable, crashing immediately after their passage; Cris, who arrived shortly after, try to switch to another snow bridge, which, however, do not support the weight, causing him to fall to the bottom of the crevasse. Zechariah manages to get to the village with the girl in his arms. Being questioned about the incident by his fellow citizens and representatives of law enforcement, which gives a version exactly opposite to what really happened: that is, that the idea of climbing the looting had been his, while Cris had tried to dissuade him ; that Cris had wanted to save the girl while he was opposed; Cris and that, above all, he was a “gentleman”. But nobody seems to believe him. The film was shot near Chamonix, using fictitious names for the mountains. At the time of the film, Spencer Tracy was 56 years old, while Robert Wagner had 26; different sources (eg Mereghetti, emphasize this fact, stating that the two protagonists are not credible as brothers.