LA NASCITA DELLA MOZZARELLAThe name mozzarella comes from the term ‘cut off’, referring to the manual cutting performed with index finger and thumb from spun dough is still warm, in order to create the shape of the cheese itself. The variant bell, the original, provides for the use of buffalo milk in place of the vaccine, currently rather more common. The origin of the mozzarella is therefore linked to the introduction of buffalo in Italy. According to some these animals were introduced already by the Greeks in the center-south in the fourth century BC According to others with the Norman kings around one thousand. What is certain is that with the swamping of the Tyrrhenian coastal areas in central and southern areas of the territory became more suitable for the breeding of buffaloes. A first paper on this special cheese dates back to the twelfth century, which speaks of ‘severed’ or ‘provatura’ that was offered by the Monks of San Lorenzo in Capua? Caserta-to visiting pilgrims. The mozzarella was the less refined version of provolone because it could not be kept long. This is also why its spread was initially limited to the south of Italy. In the sixteenth century, precisely in 1570, another document, a text written by a chef in the kitchen of the Papal court, called Escape, mentioned for the first time the term in the list of mozzarella cheese served with him. Mozzarella were marketed in Capua already in the sixteenth century but a wider spread in Italy has since the eighteenth century. At the palace of Carditello born a framework for buffalo breeding and milk processing. Begin slowly to spread the ‘bufalare’: the Masonry circular, with a central fireplace, where it was worked on milk of these animals to get various cheeses. Mozzarella, easily and quickly perishable, they were wrapped in sheets of cane or myrtle and placed in jars. From the unification of Italy is prepared to Aversa a wholesale market for mozzarella and other cheeses, called the Tavern. Although cow’s milk is increasingly being used for this cheese. Since then, the reputation of the mozzarella becomes national conquest and soon foreign markets.