LA PALAZZINA DEI MULINIIn the building of the Mills Elba Island between the various antique furniture looks great bed very particular: it is a kind of sofa type Borelli, no panels front of the feet of those who sleep, with short columns at the corners, to her hips are placed sculptures overloaded with ornaments that form a barrier pointed, edged with beaks and claws. On either side of the bed this barrier is raised to the height of the mattress, leaving little room to rise, in essence a very uncomfortable bed that Napoleon chose after the initial bed that was his famous camp bed that never left him.
The visitor today can think that the Emperor had an idea rather be in the original manufacture this strange furniture? but things are not so bizarre because the bed was not ordered to a cabinetmaker, but stolen, along with many other furniture in the house.
As we will see more ‘than a stretch of theft is a trick worthy of the strategist Napoleon, and so it was that the villa of the mills, the small Vaudeville, as it was called, was enriched with various furniture that are still visible to the public.
The bed, along with other pieces of furniture were in the palace of his sister, to Piombino. A Elisa Bonaparte was given the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Principality of Piombino; the fall of the regime, hoping to preserve the riches received it from his brother signed a pact with the King of Naples, Murat, but it was useless because the Austrian army invaded its territory. The Baciocca, as it was called in Tuscany, had to flee quickly from Piombino abandoning his palace furniture and valuable paintings.
Informed by one of his followers, Napoleon immediately think of his furniture and his revenge. Starts a sailing ship from the Elbe to the time of Piombino. The quartermaster of the Emperor and his sailors go, quite naturally, to make the move from the building. The Austrian general Starhenberg protest that occupied the building, but the envoys of the King of Elba feel no reasons. The device takes the form of a joke When such men of Napoleon even issue a receipt of the furniture that carry on. At that point, with rigor dismantle the floors of sycamore and shutters.
Among the various furniture there is also the famous bed, sofa edged with this curious sculptures that are likely to impale the sleepy that salt was the scene of the loves of Baciocca. Napoleon amused laugh and affirm: “I have punished my sister and robbed Austria that has succeeded.”