LE DELIZIE ESTENSIOld is the presence of flat bread on the tables of Romagna, until the ’60s, when together with the peasant culture was in danger of being forgotten.
But so it was, in fact, has increased exponentially the reputation of flatbread, changing a bit ‘its consumption characteristics and switching alternative to bread of the ancient farmers in food of Romagna modern versatile.
Today, the flat bread (or piada) is difficult to categorize: variant of bread, as always, but it can be a snack alone or padded, can become watercress, filled with vegetables, cheese or, in the last years of everything imaginable and, times, as well … It still can be a sweet or turned themselves to be bitten by even the most convinced vegetarian by replacing the traditional lard with olive oil or soy milk. A witness to the vitality and typical of piada there is also the fact that there are numerous recipes and ways to prepare it that vary from location to location.